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Is your team on a continuous arc of negotiation mastery?

 Continuous growth and improvement is the key to creating a team that thrives, loves coming to work and raises profitability!  

If this excites you, let us help you and your team improve both their negotiation strategies and emotional intelligence!  



Bold , Authentic, Elegant

Are you ready to explore new territory in the world of negotiating win-win agreements?

Learn the strategies that world-class negotiation experts use?

Push the edges of your ability to be a bold, elegant and authentic negotiator?


Who should you NEVER negotiate with, ever?  The answer might  surprise you.  

A surprising negotiation strategy.

We create negotiation masterpieces when we don't give up and don't give in until we create a magnificient agreement

Our Driving Passion!

Is it possible to be both an idealistic, and pragmatic negotiator? 

To create authentic, respectful relationships, and employ 

best negotiation practices to 

achieve a financially successful outcome?

In the end, it’s always the best listener who quietly makes the suggestion that meets the true interests of both sides.  

Win-Win is the ultimate paradox.  The hardest part is stepping into a mindset that insists  win-win is the only acceptable outcome. 
This mindset will employs every single negotiation strategy, a listening relaxed focus and the emotional intelligence to work equally hard to meet the  true interests of your counterpart as well as yours.



Ronda Hill

Executive Director

Ronda has experience operating behind the scenes, helping our clients  succeed by handling the day-to-day operations, allowing them to focus on become master negotiators. Ronda assisted CEO’s and other senior executives before becoming a founding member of the Castle Negotiations Consulting Group. Ronda has experience working in a wide variety of industries, ranging from large international companies to a small, family owned retail business, giving her a unique, well-rounded perspective that is an asset to our team. When Ronda isn’t getting (or keeping) someone out of a jam, she enjoys learning new things, hunting for treasures in thrift stores, and researching.