Affordable Negotiation Consultation

Affordable negotiation consultation is now available!

If You are a competent negotiator, yet, want to do even better by ensuring your preparation plan is well thought. You want to be able to easily get into the mindset needed to create the best possible win-win outcome.

Yet, it is extremely challenging to ensure you are completely prepared before any negotiation or discussion needed to come to agreement.

Without support you may find it challenging to get into the correct mind-set You may lack the confidence needed to ask for what you want and obtain the best possible win-win outcome. 

Without support and thorough preparation you may also get tripped up by anxiety and other negative emotional states. 

Often your colleagues don’t have the time or perhaps expertise to help.

CNCG has decided to offer affordable guidance to help you through the negotiation preparation phase and prepares you to answer the difficult questions you know you will be asked.

What this package includes?

Up to three sessions (each 20 minutes) of live virtual negotiation brainstorming, coaching, preparation and practice with an experienced negotiation coach.

A carefully crafted preparation framework that you will complete with the guidance and support needed.

A series of negotiation videos and instruction to help you get in the right mind-set and overcome negative emotions and other obstacles that arise in a live negotiation.

We give you the confidence and capability needed to get the best agreement possible.



Limited discount offering for new coaching clients,
the first session is $180.00

Money back guarentee

If at the end of the series you are not 100% sure the insights and feedback will save you triple the Accelerator fee in the next 3 negotiations you engage in, you can request and will receive a full refund. To set up an appointment to discuss if this Accelerator is for you: To receive an application send an email to :

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