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Underhanded Negotiators

How to Handle Dishonesty Across the Table From time to time, we all come across dishonest negotiators, and it is never a pleasant experience. I will discuss potential signs that your counter-part in the negotiation

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Welcome to our Negotiate Smart™ Blog

Culturally, Americans have always under-appreciated negotiating tactics – because we always thought that we didn’t need them. If we didn’t like K-Mart, we went to Wal-Mart and K-Mart got the message without a word being

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Who are the Best Negotiators?

Who ARE the best negotiators? Is there one decisive, objective answer? Every negotiator will have a different answer, depending on their personality, experience, and beliefs. When I am asked that question, there are three negotiation

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Your Intention Drives Your Negotiation

Besides preparation and understanding true costs, what is the most important key to getting the best deal possible? Besides understanding the underlying drivers and the interests of your counterpart? Besides developing a rapport, and trust?

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