Why Isn’t Your Counterpart Talking?


The “flavor of the decade” in the world of negotiation style research and training is to build rapport. It’s often the answer to every negotiation challenge that a negotiation consultant is asked. Why is rapport so essential? The reasoning looks like this: If you build rapport, your counterpart will trust you. If they trust you, they […]

Create a Team “On Fire” About Negotiating!

I have a client that is enthusiastic by nature. A new travel mug inspires a happy dance from him. Lucky for his team, this translates to his enthusiasm about the negotiation mistakes his staff makes. Yes, that was not a mistake, their mistakes. He is also happy about their successes… the only thing that makes […]

Do you open assertively enough in your negotiations?

Do you wonder if you are a decent negotiator or if you are not? How can you tell? Look at the outcomes of the person you negotiate with most in your life – yourself –  and that will give you a clue. Your negotiation tactics are strengthened by your own self-perception. Ask yourself, in your […]

Underhanded Negotiators

How to Handle Dishonesty Across the Table From time to time, we all come across dishonest negotiators, and it is never a pleasant experience. I will discuss potential signs that your counter-part in the negotiation process is being deceptive and what to do. There are many reasons why people are dishonest. And the range is […]

The Reflective Negotiator Wins Every Time!

You prepare for days for an upcoming negotiation. You size up your counterpart six ways ‘til Sunday, you crunch the numbers, and you walk in full of confidence, and then … you walk out with your tail between your legs. It does not go well and you slink back to the office in defeat. What […]

Does food at the negotiating table affect the outcome?

The friendly, “let’s have a bite to eat and chat” negotiation days are, for the most part, sadly over. Unless you are negotiating in the Middle-East, South America or other relationship-based cultures, casual, relaxed negotiations are a thing of the past. It’s down to business. Before our counterpart even sits down, we are asking for […]

When is it better NOT to negotiate?

My mother’s idea of fun was negotiating with the Fuller Brush man (Generation X, Google it) or the gas station attendant. Even if she only got 10 gallons of gas, and not the 18 required to earn the drinking glass, she wanted it. Remember that? My house was oddly un-American, as my mother did not […]

The Power of Framing

Person A: “There is a 25% chance we won’t meet the volume expectations this year”. Person B: “There is a 75% chance we will meet the volume expectations this year”. The way we frame a data can have a huge effect on our counterpart’s response to the information we are using to support our offers […]

Welcome to our Negotiate Smart™ Blog

Culturally, Americans have always under-appreciated negotiating tactics – because we always thought that we didn’t need them. If we didn’t like K-Mart, we went to Wal-Mart and K-Mart got the message without a word being spoken. We have been so rich in choices, opportunities and resources that we have been known to shop without even […]