Everyone Can Negotiate by Ruth Shlossman - front cover

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Most North Americans would rather go to the dentist than negotiate. It seems scary and mysterious. Until now, they have not had a solid, proven, research-based, easy-to-implement negotiation road map with strategies for each phase of the negotiation process. Solid negotiation mastery is not for the few. Anyone can become a solid, competent, and confident negotiator.

This book teaches the practical answers and easy-to-follow steps to negotiating well. Whether you are negotiating with your spouse, your boss, your neighborhood homeowners’ association, for a raise, a large purchase, or in the antique store.

You will also learn how to negotiate with hardball negotiators, how to influence and persuade, how to negotiate your salary and how to manage the emotional side of negotiating.

Now is the time!  Never be out-negotiated again!