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Enhance your teams’ negotiation skills with our esteemed core curriculum of negotiation training and workshops, including extensive follow up sessions and an abundance of quizzes and test-yourself materials. We’ll teach you how to get the best agreement possible and essential negotiating strategy that every negotiation master needs. Explore and learn real world proven negotiation techniques that are critical to today’s decision-making process, guaranteed to improve performance and professional development. 

Business professionals must effectively negotiate agreements when revenue, relationships, budgets, performance standards, priorities, and due dates are at stake in order to meet and exceed established organizational goals.This is challenging, as your counterpart has the same directive to obtain extremely aggressive negotiated outcomes. The workshop answers the question of how to get the best agreement possible without alienating your counterpart. Attendees explore and learn real world proven negotiation techniques critical to today’s decision-making process and improved performance.

Our Negotiate Smart Academy is run by Castle Negotiations founder Ruth Shlossman who has over 25 years experience as a global negotiation consultant. This course is taught in 6 modules over six weeks, with each session lasting about 90 minutes. The Negotiate Smart Academy is ideal for those who spend 30% of their time in negotiation-related work with suppliers, customers, or internal colleagues.

The Negotiate Smart Academy is only offered twice a year, so make sure you sign up early to guarantee your place!

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We are thrilled to be able to offer two packages for our Negotiate Smart Academy to fit your teams’ needs. These include:

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Money-back guarantees for all programs if, for any reason, you are not satisfied with the course curriculum and value.

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