Negotiate Smart™:

The Roadmap to Negotiation Mastery (1 1/2 – 2 Days)

The Negotiate Smart™ workshop moves through the four stages of negotiation:

Map out

  • Lay the groundwork for a successful negotiation.
  • Find shortcuts for effective preparation.

  • Discover the characteristics of master negotiators.

  • Learn when not to seek a win-win outcome.

  • Uncover hidden interests.

Meet and Greet

  • Set ground rules to eliminate hardball tactics.

  • Build, maintain and repair trust.

Gives & Gets

  • Know when and how to open.

  • Respond effectively to counter-offers.

  • Turn a deadlock into a discussion.

  • Identify valuable trades that can save you millions.

  • Develop an effective roadmap for offers and counter-offers.

  • Learn tactics for creating leverage.

Seal the Deal

  • Ensure the success of the agreement’s implementation.

  • Set the stage for successful future negotiations.

Additional Tips and Tools

  • Strategies to deal with hardball negotiators

  • Shortcuts to negotiation mastery

  • Methods for managing the emotional side of negotiations

  • Issues that arise in cross-cultural negotiations