Negotiate Smarter™:
Advanced Negotiation Mastery (1-2 Days)

Our advanced workshop focuses on developing and improving more complex negotiation skills.
We aim to make the Negotiate Smart™ strategies the backbone of your team’s negotiation strategy.
Practical exercises, guided preparation, and custom role-plays with tailored feedback give our participants the experience they need to realize their potential.


This Workshop Offers:

  • A brief review of the Roadmap to Negotiation Mastery.

  • Training that directly addresses the specific challenges of the participants, including negotiating with minimal leverage, facing hostile counterparts, negotiating cross-culturally, and negotiating as part of a team.
    Customized role-plays with specific feedback geared toward tackling those challenges.

  • Guided and facilitated planning to develop responsible and effective negotiation preparation.

  • Exercises to develop emotional intelligence and overcome challenges.

  • Extensive feedback and discussion of videoed negotiation role-play. (optional)

Participants leave this workshop equipped with a game plan, empowered to tackle their toughest negotiation obstacles.