Negotiation coaching usually begins with an inventory.

Is negotiation coaching right for you?

What are your negotiation strengths and where are you challenged?

How strong is your preparation strategy?

Do you know how and when to make your first offer?

What’s your concession pattern and how strong is your timing?

Do you set up rules of engagement, build rapport and uncover your leverage?

Finally, we deal with the emotional side of negotiating and the triggers and fears that arise.

What triggers you?  How well do you handle the triggers of others?

If this sounds useful and you want to challenge yourself to grow and actualize your negotiation potential, let’s go ahead and have a conversation

What surprised them about negotiation coaching?

The best players are mentored by the top coaches. So are the best negotiators. Usually, the difference between a good and a great player is the coach. same with negotiating.

$380.00 per session


Limited discount offering for new coaching clients,
the first session is $180.00

Our Driving Passion!

At Castle, we are pragmatic and practical.  Our driving passion is to help our clients become competent, confident negotiators no matter who they are negotiating with and what they are negotiating to achieve. 

We are good at this and have hundreds of testimonials and ROI surveys as proof.

We are seasoned and have been helped our clients through the last economic meltdowns. We are not spring chickens!  For over 25 years in over 20 countries within hundreds of Fortune 500 companies, we have helped improve their bottom line by millions! 

We do one thing. We do it well!   Empower our clients to implement a strategic system throughout every phase of the negotiation process.  

This takes the mystery out of achieving win-win outcomes.  We also focus on the emotional intelligence and mind-set needed to implement these strategies.

We are not satisfied until our clients are excited about creating win-win agreements and achieve the best possible outcomes. 

Negotiating is creative and exciting.  Our goal is to ignite your driving  passion to be masters at negotiating smart! 

Money back guarantee

If at the end of the series you are not 100% sure the insights and feedback will save you triple the Accelerator fee in the next 3 negotiations you engage in, you can request and will receive a full refund. To set up an appointment to discuss if this Accelerator is for you: To receive an application send an email to :