Negotiation Mastery Accelerator


Experienced successful leaders know how to negotiate.  They have a proven track record of success.  Yet, do they consistently implement their negotiation knowledge and best practices on a day-to-day basis? How do they recognize and rectify their own blind spots? 

When and how do they get the feedback needed to fine tune and improve their negotiation outcomes? 

Are they consistenly using their emotional intelligence when negotiating?

And finally…  How can they ensure they are staying updated on the latest negotiation trends, research and challenges? 

Introducing the Negotiation Mastery Accelerator!

An opportunity to take your negotiation, conflict-resolution, and emotional intelligence mastery to the next level. 

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Requirements To Join This Negotiation Mastery Accelerator

Each session is limited to 12 people to ensure everyone has ample opportunities to participate fully.  Each session will be offered twice a month.  If you are unable to attend a recording will be available.

How this works?

In addition there will be a series of advanced negotiation exercises offered  3 times over the 6 months.

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Additional Resources

Each participant will have access to the on-demand Negotiate Smart series that delves into the 4 steps of the negotiation process and the 18 negotiation strategies for success. This is a good solid review of negotiation best practices.

  • 12 Monthly short, to the point videos keeping you up to date on the latest negotiation research.
  • Multiple tools for preparation, debrief and other aspects of the negotiation process.
  • An advanced on-demand video workshop on Negotiating with emotional Intelligence
  • Up to three follow-up one-on-one coaching sessions, during and after the accelerator is finished. Alternatively, you can send a recorded negotiation for feedback.
  • Periodic negotiations follow-up masterclasses and round tables with all Negotiation Accelerator graduates
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Money back guarentee

If at the end of the series you are not 100% sure the insights and feedback will save you triple the Accelerator fee in the next 3 negotiations you engage in, you can request and will receive a full refund. To set up an appointment to discuss if this Accelerator is for you: To receive an application send an email to :

The next course is scheduled to launch November 2022. Sign up now for a special offer! No obligation until the accelerator starts and discounted price and bonus points for bringing in participants

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