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Castle Negotiations Consulting Group offers more than just training – we serve as your strategic allies on the path to mastering negotiation skills. If you’re interested in arming your team with the flexibility, knowledge, and finesse required to tackle future challenges, let’s have a conversation today. The next level is within reach, and we’re here to lead you towards it.

Our Core Services

Negotiate Smart Academy

Join our world-renowned corporate Negotiate Smart Academy. Our flagship 2-day workshop, delivered in-house or virtually has an average 30% ROI within the first few months. Join hundreds of Fortune 500 companies who continue to improve their negotiation outcomes yearly after they attend our Academy.

Live Virtual In-House and Individual Negotiation Training

From sales to supply chain and procurement to production, our expert workshops and training are designed to make your team top negotiators.

Negotiation Fluency for Professional Women

This seven series session is specifically tailored for professional women who aspire to take on a growing leadership role within their team and organization. The participants will develop crucial strategies that lead to win-win outcomes. This is an essential skill for every leader, especially women.

Negotiate Smart Academy

Our distinguished Castle Negotiations Consulting Group Academy is an opportunity for anyone to join our community of fellow beginner and experienced negotiators to learn from our extensive negotiating curriculum. You’ll have exclusive access to our expert negotiators who are on hand to support you through your negotiation learning and all our training programmes, all in one handy package.

Our Academy program is designed to be delivered in person or virtually for teams of various sizes, whatever format is best for you and your colleagues.

Live Virtual In-House and Individual Negotiation Training

Boost your teams’ negotiation skills with our expert workshops and training courses, available in-house or virtually. You and your colleagues will gain access to our exclusive 9-hour core curriculum, email contact with our negotiators, extensive follow up sessions and so much more.

We’ll also dedicate time to getting to know everyone in our pre-sessions-all in a format that is comfortable for you and your team. Get in touch today for a guaranteed path to business and team success.

The Win-Win Way: A Leadership Development for Professional Women

Research suggests that women don’t negotiate their salary 75% of the time, but that’s why our Win-Win Way for Women negotiation training course is specially tailored to help women of all stages of life break this barrier.

Led by Ruth Shlossman, she will teach you how to use your unique superpower to create effective win-win agreements, develop your emotional intelligence and improve your communication style. You’ll also have the chance to be a part of our community of fellow powerful female negotiators and individual one-on-one training.

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