Flexibility When Negotiating

Flexibility When Negotiating

In this blog, we’ve discussed many different negotiating strategies (MESO, Hardball, Framing, and even when you shouldn’t negotiate.). But you can’t use all of them all the time. You shouldn’t even use ONE of them all the time. You have to have flexibility when negotiating. Think about this. When choosing a restaurant to go out […]

Help Your Counterpart Declare a Victory, Too

Help them write their victory speech

You have all the leverage…and your counterpart knows it. You also have a relationship with them that you not only want to keep, but to nurture. What negotiation strategy will satisfy your counterpart even when you have more leverage, and therefore will achieve a more robust target? To paraphrase William Ury, co-founder of Harvard’s Program […]

Why Isn’t Your Counterpart Talking?


The “flavor of the decade” in the world of negotiation style research and training is to build rapport. It’s often the answer to every negotiation challenge that a negotiation consultant is asked. Why is rapport so essential? The reasoning looks like this: If you build rapport, your counterpart will trust you. If they trust you, they […]