Who are the Best Negotiators?

Who ARE the best negotiators? Is there one decisive, objective answer? Every negotiator will have a different answer, depending on their personality, experience, and beliefs. When I am asked that question, there are three negotiation role models that come to my mind. Prepare The first is Warren Buffett. With an estimated wealth of $85.3 billion […]

Flexibility When Negotiating

In this blog, we’ve discussed many different negotiating strategies (MESO, Hardball, Framing, and even when you shouldn’t negotiate.). But you can’t use all of them all the time. You shouldn’t even use ONE of them all the time. You have to have flexibility when negotiating. Think about this. When choosing a restaurant to go out […]

Make Better Deals and Convince Your Kids to Eat Vegetables

How do you get the kids to eat vegetables? If your answer was “forceful throat stuffing,” you’ve come to the wrong place. However, if your answer had to do with providing options or layering tasty sauces on top, you might already be an expert at MESO (Multiple Equivalent Simultaneous Offer). When you include more than one […]