Help Your Counterpart Declare a Victory, Too

Help them write their victory speech

You have all the leverage…and your counterpart knows it. You also have a relationship with them that you not only want to keep, but to nurture. What negotiation strategy will satisfy your counterpart even when you have more leverage, and therefore will achieve a more robust target? To paraphrase William Ury, co-founder of Harvard’s Program […]

Win-Win Isn’t Always the Way to Go

win-win isn't always the way

Nothing annoys me more in a negotiation than someone who overuses “partner” and “win-win” in the first five minutes. Once I stop myself from rolling my eyes at them, I ask them to define those terms. What do you mean by “partner”? Can you give me examples of other negotiations where you have succeeded at […]

The 4-Step Negotiation Process Professional Negotiators Use to Seal the Deal

Negotiation process

When we employ negotiation tactics, we often come to the frustrating realization that other people are equally as complex, motivated, and human as we are. Perhaps you discover this truth most often during spousal bickering. Maybe your boss shakes his head chronically while you are negotiating a salary raise. You might even be familiar with […]