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Women still don’t negotiate their salary 75% of the time.  It’s a new day!  Women, you can be  authentic and bold, using your negotiation superpower to create awesome win-win agreements!

Specifically tailored for women of all ages and stages in life!

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So many of us are successful, yet still, it is surprising that the thought of advocating for yourself fills you with anxiety?  Join the club!  I know exactly how you feel.  Let’s face it,  effective communicating, negotiating and handling the emotional reactions of yourself and others is a life-long learning process.  Just when we get one challenge handled, a new one lands on our doorstep.

If you are excited about developing your emotional intelligence when it comes to navigating the give and take of daily life, you belong in this group of awesome, amazing women!

I’m here to tell you that women creating true Win-Win wins is our superpower! It’s actually surprisingly not as hard as it often seems and its exciting and fun and amazing as hell.  The best part is that women are actually talented at this, they just need the keys that open the door to their hidden talents.

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Our Driving Passion!

At Castle, we are pragmatic and practical.  Our driving passion is to help our clients become competent, confident negotiators no matter who they are negotiating with and what they are negotiating to achieve. 

We are good at this and have hundreds of testimonials and ROI surveys as proof.

We are seasoned and have been helped our clients through the last economic meltdowns. We are not spring chickens!  For over 25 years in over 20 countries within hundreds of Fortune 500 companies, we have helped improve their bottom line by millions! 

We do one thing. We do it well!   Empower our clients to implement a strategic system throughout every phase of the negotiation process.  

This takes the mystery out of achieving win-win outcomes.  We also focus on the emotional intelligence and mind-set needed to implement these strategies.

We are not satisfied until our clients are excited about creating win-win agreements and achieve the best possible outcomes. 

Negotiating is creative and exciting. Our goal is to ignite your driving  passion to be masters at negotiating smart! 

 Is this your time to learn the secrets of creating win-win outcomes in every aspect of your life? 

This is for all women in every phase of life.  What a world this will be when women utilize their  win-win superpowers!  

More often than not:

  • Women still tend to ask for — and accept — way less than their value. 
  • Woman say ‘yes’ far too often to unreasonable requests.
  • Women are 75% less likely to negotiate their salari

The trend is changing, but it needs to change in a bigger way, and that will happen when women learn the powerful strategies and systems of creating Win-Win Outcomes.

What will your life be like when you step forward confidently as a person with influence who can create Win-Win outcomes over and over again.

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Meet International Negotiation Consultant, Ruth Shlossman

Ruth has more than 25 years of experience as an International Negotiation Consultant.  She earned a M.Ed. from Harvard University with a specialty in leadership and a B.A. in Education from the University of Florida. She is the Author of You Can Negotiate Anything, Here’s How.

Ruth has coached and trained thousands of individuals from college graduates to CEO’s  to negotiate their way through conflict and create win-win outcomes.  Her client list includes the top Fortune 500 Companies around the globe.  

Ruth is passionate about her mission to empower women to develop the skills and self-confidence needed to assertively communicate and negotiate for what they want and deserve.  She is a master at helping woman learn the skills to be both bold and elegant at the same time.  

To learn more about Ruth Shlossman click here.

You deserve this!  And there’s no better time than right NOW!

Ready to learn how?

Are you ready to boldly advocate for yourself with elegance and create enduring win-win agreements!

Be authentic and still get what you want!

An online virtual live coaching (and also recorded) series that will help you drop the myths, the fears and the confusion that holds you back at work, and home. Armed with practical skills and a new mindset you will step into a new world as you internalize practical, authentic behaviors that will  transform your past experience from stressful win-lose conflict to empowering, win-win outcomes.  

This series offers many opportunities for the participants to receive individual attention. Ruth is available to answer questions about your specific challenges. Included are:

What you will learn in the live coaching sessions

Bonus on-demand classes:

Stage 1: Prepare and Map Out

Learn why the preparation is your win-win superpower.  that will put on the fast track to get what you truly want and deserve, while maintaining positive relationships. You will know  how to identify the best outcome  possible and where to find the  fact base needed to gain cooperation. You’ll also have a road map to understand your counterpart’s triggers and true interests.  This phase will give you the confidence and mindset to go for it without anxiety. 

Stage 2: Meet and Greet

This is the second stage of creating rock star win-win outcomes.  This stage involves laying a solid foundation to build the strongest, most favorable and enduring agreement possible. You’ll also learn the rules of engagement, including why you need them and how to create them.

Stage 3: Gives and Gets — Offers and Counter-offers

We’ll explore the third stage of win-win outcomes: the gives and gets. You’ll learn how to open the discussion with your Best Agreement to Make (B.A.M.), when to make the offer, and how to make a concession if needed. You’ll also learn various techniques for making an offer including the power of silence as well as what to do when you get a specific answer or result.-

Stage 4: Seal the Deal!

You’ll learn how — and when — to close the deal, as well as how to ensure the agreement so that you’re both on the same page and know what’s going to happen next.


You are ready to learn how to advocate for yourself and negotiate the career, life and relationships you truly want!

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