Who are the Best Negotiators?

Who ARE the best negotiators? Is there one decisive, objective answer? Every negotiator will have a different answer, depending on their personality, experience, and beliefs. When I am asked that question, there are three negotiation role models that come to my mind. Prepare The first is Warren Buffett. With an estimated wealth of $85.3 billion […]

Your Intention Drives Your Negotiation

Besides preparation and understanding true costs, what is the most important key to getting the best deal possible? Besides understanding the underlying drivers and the interests of your counterpart? Besides developing a rapport, and trust? Even more than all of this, the number one driver is intention. What! That sounds so touchy-feely and makes negotiating […]

Why Some People Improve and Others Don’t

why do some people improve and others don't

Sometimes we step on the scale, only to find that we do not like what it tells us, so we do the only logical thing – step on the scale again. In your closed, windowless bathroom, maybe there was a slight wind factor. Perhaps you could breathe deeply and try stepping on again. Anyone else […]

Intuition When Negotiating

Why is our intuition important when negotiating? Intuition seems like magic – you know something, without consciously knowing why you know it. Some refer to it as a “gut” feeling. But it’s not magic, nor is it your gut; it’s a combination of knowledge, experience and being in the “zone”. In the case of negotiating […]

How to Deliver Bad News

Deliver Bad News

It’s an unpleasant, but inevitable, part of life and negotiating; sometimes you just have to deliver bad news.  Perhaps you have to let your supplier know you are not going to meet your volume expectations this quarter.  Or they lost the bid.  You might need to tell your client that the project is going over […]

Flexibility When Negotiating

Flexibility When Negotiating

In this blog, we’ve discussed many different negotiating strategies (MESO, Hardball, Framing, and even when you shouldn’t negotiate.). But you can’t use all of them all the time. You shouldn’t even use ONE of them all the time. You have to have flexibility when negotiating. Think about this. When choosing a restaurant to go out […]

Help Your Counterpart Declare a Victory, Too

Help them write their victory speech

You have all the leverage…and your counterpart knows it. You also have a relationship with them that you not only want to keep, but to nurture. What negotiation strategy will satisfy your counterpart even when you have more leverage, and therefore will achieve a more robust target? To paraphrase William Ury, co-founder of Harvard’s Program […]

Underhanded Negotiators

How to Handle Dishonesty Across the Table From time to time, we all come across dishonest negotiators, and it is never a pleasant experience. I will discuss potential signs that your counter-part in the negotiation process is being deceptive and what to do. There are many reasons why people are dishonest. And the range is […]

Does food at the negotiating table affect the outcome?

The friendly, “let’s have a bite to eat and chat” negotiation days are, for the most part, sadly over. Unless you are negotiating in the Middle-East, South America or other relationship-based cultures, casual, relaxed negotiations are a thing of the past. It’s down to business. Before our counterpart even sits down, we are asking for […]