When is it better NOT to negotiate?

My mother’s idea of fun was negotiating with the Fuller Brush man (Generation X, Google it) or the gas station attendant. Even if she only got 10 gallons of gas, and not the 18 required to earn the drinking glass, she wanted it. Remember that? My house was oddly un-American, as my mother did not […]

The Power of Framing

Person A: “There is a 25% chance we won’t meet the volume expectations this year”. Person B: “There is a 75% chance we will meet the volume expectations this year”. The way we frame a data can have a huge effect on our counterpart’s response to the information we are using to support our offers […]

Welcome to our Negotiate Smart™ Blog

Culturally, Americans have always under-appreciated negotiating tactics – because we always thought that we didn’t need them. If we didn’t like K-Mart, we went to Wal-Mart and K-Mart got the message without a word being spoken. We have been so rich in choices, opportunities and resources that we have been known to shop without even […]