What Drives Us

What drives us

At Castle, we are pragmatic and practical.  Our driving passion is to help our clients become competent, confident negotiators no matter who they are negotiating with and what they are negotiating to achieve. 

We have hundreds of testimonials and ROI surveys to show our success over 25 years in over 20 countries within hundreds of Fortune 500 companies and all level of professionals. 

Our workshops, and negotiation coaching programs show our clients how to implement a strategic system throughout every phase of the negotiation process.  

This takes the mystery out of achieving win-win outcomes.  We also focus the emotional intelligence and mind-set needed to implement these strategies.

We are not satisfied until our clients are excited about creating win-win agreements as they will know what they need to do and how to do it to achieve the best possible outcomes. 

Negotiating is creative and exciting.  Our goal is to take you there.


Meet Ruth Shlossman

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Ruth Shlossman


 Ruth is the driving force behind Castle Negotiations Consulting Group.  She loves to tell about her first negotiation at the age of 10 with her parents.  Ruth lives for the moment when she sees the lightbulb flash on in her clients because they realize how creative and exciting the negotiation process can be!  She is adept at helping her clients overcome their fear of asking for what they want.  Bold and elegant.. that’s her motto.   Ruth has worked with all levels of negotiators, from neophyte negotiators to senior executives and leadership teams with tremendous success over the last 25 years.   She is always growing and learning herself and that keeps her workshops and coaching fresh and exciting. Ruth has been called on to consult for everything from scope issues to multimillion-dollar mergers. Ruth has consulted with Fortune 100 companies in the auto, manufacturing, health-care, IT, finance, and insurance industries. Ruth has also done consulting for the armed forces, for government agencies, and for institutions of higher education.  Now she wants to help you become a bold and elegant negotiator.

Ruth is a negotiation practitioner, often called upon to consult with organizations involved in high-stakes negotiations.  Her recent clients include Chrysler, ArcelorMittal, AlixPartners, Phillip De Pury, Institute of Management Studies, BCD Travel, OSI Restaurants, and Halliburton. Ruth’s international experience includes consulting in North America, Europe, Australia, the Middle-East, Asia, Africa, China, Russia, and Japan. She has taught thousands of people the strategies necessary to become master negotiators. Her depth of knowledge, as well as her easily approachable style and humorous delivery, have made her a sought after negotiation consultant and speaker. Ruth’s seminars are known for being humorous, fast-paced, practical and highly impactful. Ruth has uniquely combined the art and science of emotional intelligence and negotiation. She is well researched and experienced in both areas and has found a way to help her clients raise their emotional intelligence about negotiating. Many participants have commented that it was the best training session they had ever attended. Ruth earned a M.Ed. from Harvard University with a specialty in leadership, and a BA in education from the University of Florida.

Ronda Hill

Executive Director

Ronda has experience operating behind the scenes, helping our clients  succeed by handling the day-to-day operations, allowing them to focus on become master negotiators. Ronda assisted CEO’s and other senior executives before becoming a founding member of the Castle Negotiations Consulting Group. Ronda has experience working in a wide variety of industries, ranging from large international companies to a small, family owned retail business, giving her a unique, well-rounded perspective that is an asset to our team. When Ronda isn’t getting (or keeping) someone out of a jam, she enjoys learning new things, hunting for treasures in thrift stores, and researching.

The Castle Negotiations Advantage

  • A beginning, intermediate and advanced negotiation training series; always modified to fit the specific needs of the clients.
  • Advanced modules on negotiating with emotional intelligence, cross cultural negotiating, advanced probing, hardball negotiators and more.
  • Video of negotiations in the advanced class with specific feedback.
  • Interviews/surveys of every participant to understand and address their specific challenges and goals
  • 3 different negotiation preparation sheets, depending on the complexity of the negotiation
  • A ROI survey to quantify the post training value and ensure the training strategies are being implemented
  • A yearly follow up webinar to review the key negotiation strategies
  • Tips sent to subscribers regularly to keep learning alive
  • Post session telephone consulting for all participants for 6 months after the workshop
  • A full color easy to read handbook containing all of the strategies with examples, charts and reminders.
  • Managers tips and suggestions to follow up and keep the negotiation training learning alive
  • All workshops taught by seasoned experienced negotiators with at least 20 years of experience as negotiators and negotiation consultants
  • A dedicated consultant for each client to ensure we align our negotiation training with the specific internal processes, challenges and systems of our clientsculture.
  • A follow up video series of key negotiation strategies for review.
  • All materials translated into Spanish and Mandarin.

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